Mackinaw City, MI

The Mighty Mackinac Bridge

Seaway Painting began work on the Mackinac Bridge during October 1996. The project was completed in October 1998 on schedule and under budget.

In 1958, the Mackinac Bridge was described as the "finest, safest, and most beautiful bridge the world has ever seen." The description s still accurate. It was also then described as the longest suspension bridge in the world. This is still true despite the fact the Golden Gate Bridge, the Verrazano - Narrows Bridge, and the Humber Bridge in England have longer center spans. The Mackinac Bridge with its total suspension span length of 8344 feet from anchor block to anchor block remains unchallenged.

For the first time since the construction of the "Mighty Mac" the State of Michigan Department of Transportation is undertaking the sandblasting to a near white finish and re-coating the structure. More than half a century of maintenance painting with lead based coatings has come to an end in accordance with Federal and State regulations eliminating the use of Lead based paints.

Seaway Painting Co., Inc. with its 30 years of experience in industrial coatings applications has been awarded the first phase of the rehabilitation program that will take a decade and a half to complete. Seaway's revolutionary approach to engineering and containment has seen forward progress maintained even through the harsh Northern Michigan winter months, during which we have experienced winds to 62 mph and wind chills of 48 degrees below zero.

The management of Seaway Painting would appreciate the opportunity of discussing with you, solutions to your lead abatement needs. With Federal standards denoting lead abatement to be performed in negative containment and our innovative approach to deck and scaffolding configuration Seaway Painting is your best choice for positive partnership in addressing your lead abatement issues, whether you have a structure the size of Machinac Bridge or a few columns in a plant, Seaway Painting will put forth the same detail that has established us as a leading example with the Steel Structures Painting Council in North America and abroad.

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